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2014 YSC Sample Questions

There were several requests this past year from the feedback of the surveys of being able to have sample questions online. We have created 5 sample questions to let you get a feel for the testing style. These questions will not be on the actual exam, but they pull from the material this year.

Multiple Choice Sample Questions

1) When St. Paul refers to the chalice as a “cup of blessing” from which we drink, St. John Chrysostom tells us that by “blessed” the Apostle means to say:

a) thanksgiving
b) wondrous
c) mystical
d) holy

2) If the woman is subject to the man (1 Cor 11:3), she is of lesser value than he.

a) true
b) false

Oral Exam Sample Questions

3) List the segments of the sacrament of baptism in order.

4) Why does the devil try and make us hate people instead of sin, or patients instead of disease? Give four reasons that St. John Chrysostom listed.

5) Explain the story of Namaan, How is it related to baptism?