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2015 YSC Sample Questions and Answers

There were several requests this past year from the feedback of the surveys of being able to have sample questions online. We have created 5 sample questions to let you get a feel for the testing style. These questions will not be on the actual exam, but they pull from the material this year.

Multiple Choice Sample Questions

  1. What was the first way that God revealed himself?

a) He created the Heaven and Earth on the first day
b) He created a snake to test Adam and Eve
c) He put His image in humanity
c) None of the above

  1. What does the Orthodox faith teach us to worship?

a) One God in three persons
b) Three different Gods- the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
c) The God of Abraham, Isaac, and, Jacob
d) A & C

  1. In John Chapter 6, the Lord Jesus received four responses from the crowd. Which of the following is NOT a correct response?

a) Murmuring
b) Repenting
c) Seeking
d) Departing

  1. In John Chapter 1, who identified Jesus as the Messiah?

a) Andrew
b) Philip
c) Simon
d) Nathaniel

Short Answer Sample Question

  1. List 4 out of the 5 comparisons Blessed Augustine makes between Jesus Christ and St. John the Baptist.

Jesus Christ

  1. He is born of a young woman
  2. His mother is a virgin
  3. Virginity gives birth to Christ
  4. That Christ will be born is believed
  5. Christ is born when the night begins to be curtailed and the day begins to increase

St. John the Baptist

  1. He is born of an old woman
  2. His mother is barren
  3. Barrenness gives birth to John
  4. That John will be born is not believed
  5. John is born when the daylight begins and the night begins to grow longer