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YSC 2020 Hymns Testing

(update as of August 1, 2020)

We have been getting a lot of questions regarding the recording format of the OPTIONAL hymns portion of YSC (individual, group, one file per kid, multiple files, multiple hymns, single hymns, and the like).

We are cognizant that we are currently in a pandemic, and the methods that churches would normally use to record hymns may not be possible given the current government regulations, as well as various health and safety concerns churches, priests, and families may have.

Therefore, we do not have any requirements regarding the recording method or format of the hymns, nor any requirements regarding the number of youth that may participate.
-Any format is acceptable.
-Any number of youth from your church team may participate.
-Any method is acceptable.
-Any number of youth may be in a single video.
-Multiple videos per church per participating youth is permissible.

Basically, anything is permissible. HYMNS ARE OPTIONAL, so you can submit your hymns submission in any way you want.

Should you choose to submit hymns for the OPTIONAL hymns component, please do the following:

1. Follow the file naming conventions in the Uploading Instructions document.
2. Upload your hymns into a Google Drive folder, label your church name and team level clearly and share that folder with

Examples for folder name structure

Saint Marina Coptic Church, Irvine, (folder name)

Saint Marina – Junior High (sub-folder containing the video files for Junior High)


2020 Hymns & Agpeya Memorization Test – College

2020 Hymns & Agpeya Memorization Test – High School

2020 Hymns & Agpeya Memorization Test – Junior High

YSC 2020 Uploading Instructions      (as of July 25, 2020)