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YSC 2021 WhatsApp Questions

Important Deadline Dates

1. Team Registration Deadline – July 18, 2021
2. All Sub-Competitions (YSC Projects) – July 25, 2021
3. Hymns Recording (Optional) – Hymns are optional just like last year and will not affect your scores. The deadline is July 25, 2021.
4. Memorization – There is no memorization this year
5. YSC Exam Day (Online) – August 7, 2021

Questions (June 27-July 3, 2021)

1. Registration Fees – The fees are posted on the YSC website. They are same as last year at the reduced rate of $5 per person. Registration deadline is July 18, 2021.
2. Test Date – Saturday, August 7, 2021
3. Hymns – Hymns are optional just like last year and will not affect your scores. The deadline is July 25, 2021. Details on how to upload will be posted soon.
4. Memorization – There is no agpeya memorization this year.
5. Sub-Competitions – These are all optional and available. The deadline is July 25, 2021.
6. Regarding Hymns, again they are optional this year and will not affect your scores. But also, the hymns are not required to be memorized. You may use books, papers, etc if that wasn’t clear.

Questions (July 4-July 10, 2021)

1. Do we need to do the entire first canticle? **Answer** Hymns – First Canticle – First 2 verses in Coptic, the remainder in English
2. Regarding the Bible study material, will the students be required to memorize the quoted verses and which chapter certain events take place in for the exam? **Answer** Generally speaking unless otherwise specified, we do not require quote verses to be memorized. However, there should be an overall understanding of the material.
3. Registration Issues – If there was an issue with your registration, please e-mail the committee directly and immediately with the subject line “Registration Issue”. Please have everything detailed and explained thoroughly to quickly make the adjustments
4. Are the 2 Hymns listed required for all levels? **Answer** Yes, they are. All levels of YSC are learning the same hymns.

Questions (July 11-July 16, 2021)

1. Will the exam be open-book like last year? **Answer** The exam is open-notes, open-book. It is most certainly encouraged for the youth to study, memorize, and understand the material as much as possible. The fact that the exam is open book/open notes is not indicative of a lower standard of expectation but is meant to be an aid in an already stressful time. Logistically, it is highly unlikely that even the majority of the exam can be completed simply using open book/open notes due to the limited amount of time available to complete the exam. Those who study as usual will most certainly be rewarded, most significantly because they will have actually learned the material.
2. What will be the format of the questions? **Answer** Multiple choice questions.
3. Online Exam Gathering – Due to covid restrictions in 2020, each child would remotely join a group video call with a servant (who was not their coach), and then login together for the exam. Covid restrictions are constantly changing for 2021, we encourage everyone to take precautions and be safe. Details for this will posted soon.
4. Adding People To Teams – Final day to change your registration is Sunday, July 18. Please e-mail the committee by that date.
5. Can a college student join both Keraza Arabic Adults and YSC College? **Answer** Sure, as long as you are within the requirements to participate in them.

Repeat Questions are only answered once for reference.