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YSC 2022 WhatsApp Questions

YSC 2022 WhatsApp Questions

1. Are the praxis response and the doxology required in Coptic or English OR Coptic and English? **Answer** Hymn Languages requirement is written in red at the title. Please refer to this link

2. Is the material for all grades (JH, HS, and college)? **Answer** Yes, it is.

3. Is there a separate award/competition for hymns? **Answer**, No, there is not.

4. Can we get clarification regarding memorizing the verses? **Answer** Unless, we specify in the material to memorize verses.

5. The registration link seems to be broken? **Answer** The registration link has been working since we released the material.

6. YSC online competition has been announced to be online on August 13th – but timing is not announced yet. Few of our youth have a match with the Coptic League at 1 pm. **Answer** We will announce the schedule in the next few days, we are still processing all the emails that we received. We are in communication with Coptic League regarding the schedule, stay tuned for any adjustments.

7. Are we allowed to record the hymns separately and stitching them to one video? **Answer** This was covered in the messages and in the e-mail.

8. With regard to the hymns recording, so jr high and high school record separately or are they allowed to be together? **Answer** This was covered in the messages and in the e-mail.

9. We made changes to our team, should we email? **Answer** This was covered in the messages and in the email. Yes, you should.

10. We registered but didn’t pay, what do we do? **Answer** E-mail us.

11. Since this year we are studying the Life of St. Anthony. Would the questions be the letter of the book or the spirit (lesson learned)? Are the questions going to include details of stories? **Answer** Anything in the book is fair game

12. Which, and how many verses should be memorized for JH? **Answer** Refer to the answer from Question #4

13. We need to know the exact exam hour for both JH, and HS? **Answer** Refer to the answer from Question #6

14. Regarding hymns videos, can we have the link and steps to submit it? **Answer** This was covered in the messages and in the e-mail.