Important Dates

Online Registration:

Age Requirements

  • Pre-K and Kindergarten (Children who graduated Kindergarten before August 1 cannot participate with 1st graders, they have to participate in Pre-K and Kindergarten)
  • 1st and 2nd Grades (Participants who completed 2nd grade before August 1 have to join with 2nd graders)
  • 3rd and 4th Grades (Participants who completed 4th grade before August 1 have to participate with 4th graders)
  • 5th and 6th Grades (6th -grade participants who graduated before August 1, and will be going to 7th grade in the upcoming school year, have the option to participate in the Keraza competition or participate in the YSC).
  • Adult Arabic participants have to be post-college age.


Alkeraza Teams

  • The maximum team size is 12 participants.
  • The minimum team size is 3 (a team of 2 members may be allowed in special cases).

Hymns and Memorization Testing

  • Hymns and memorization testing must be recorded as a team.
  • Recording of hymns and memorization will be uploaded according to the Hymns Test Instructions.
  • Dates: Thursday, July 21 through Sunday, July 24 (Upload the recorded hymns and memorization tests by 11:59 PM, Sunday, July 24).
  • Please download, print, and sign Permission to Video and Audio Record Your Child Form, and keep it in your church’s file.
  • Keraza Hymns & Memorization Tests are now posted on the Keraza Exams page. Please follow the file name conventions for the different parts as explained in the test instructions.

Spiritual and Coptic Language Testing

  • All Spiritual tests will be available online. PreK-K and 1-2 Grades will be tested orally, and the judges will still access the tests and grade them online. Other levels will answer the tests online; each team will answer the test together.
  • All spiritual testing is in teams.
  • Keraza Test Instructions
  • DateSaturday, July 30.
  • Schedule:
    • 11:00 am: PreK-K (Oral) & 3-4 Grades & 5-6 Grades (Written)
    • 12:00 pm: 1-2 Grades (Oral) & Adults (Written)

  • Place: Churchs can host online testing at their locations if they meet the Alkeraza Church Testing Requirements.


  • DateSaturday, August 6. Awards will be announced virtually (check back for more details later).
  • Each winning church will receive only one award per grade level.
  • Awards are presented to all church teams in a particular grade level. (No announcement of winning teams).